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Personalised tutoring that gets results

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What makes us different?

We believe children learn best from people, not computers - hence our 'pen-to-paper'

emphasis and informal (but purposeful!) approach.


Our tutors combine expertise with a supportive, friendly and encouraging style which kids of all ages really

respond to. This approach has helped numerous children reach their fullest potential, as demonstrated by

crop of excellent GCSE, 11+ and 12+ passes over previous years. Online and computer-based teaching aids

have some real benefits, but at Milestone we believe it is the human factor which makes a major difference

to the way a child learns.  Every child is unique - so our materials are designed to enable Milestone tutors

to create an individual program for your child with a strong core of personal, ‘pencil to paper’ teaching

backed up by online resources where these can help.


Whether you are especially interested in Maths tutoring or English tutoring in the High Wycombe area,

here are some things you will notice about Milestone which differentiate us from other tutoring centres:


  • Free assessment to identify your child's stronger & weaker areas

  • A learning program tailored to your child's particular needs, not a 'one-size-fits-all' timetable

  • Teaching materials directly linked to the National Curriculum to support what's happening in school - like upcoming SATS tests

  • Tutoring all the way up to GCSE & A-Level

  • One-to-one teaching to overcome barriers & blockers

  • Regular, marked homework

  • Regular progress feedback to parents

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