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ADHD awareness - pushing for change

By milestonetutoring, Jan 8 2019 12:57PM

ADHD ('Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder') is a fairly common condition that affects about 1 in every 20 children, influencing their ability to study, their social lives, self esteem and general happiness in potentially very harmful ways. Put another way, that's around 750,000 young people in the UK under 20 - right now - whose lives are being affected by ADHD.

The good news is that ADHD treatment is safe and highly effective once the condition is diagnosed. The bad news is that awareness & understanding are still pathetically low amongst the people you'd expect to be most 'on the ball', i.e. teachers and family doctors. Thus it falls to parents to be extra vigilant on behalf of their children, to spot the signs and to fight for the help they need.

As you may gather from the above, ADHD is something Milestone has encountered frequently. It's something we know a fair bit about and feel strongly about - because in our view children and their families are being sadly let down in this area by a teaching profession and a medical establishment which has simply not woken up to the latest research or put the right policies in place. We are involved ourselves in campaigning for reform, and we are very willing to share our perspectives and experience with any parent who is concerned about ADHD in regard to their own child / children. Whether or not you are a Milestone parent, if you want to talk about this issue we may be able to help - so do give us a call. Meantime, hit the links below to see more:

1) A King's College London video which explains what ADHD is in simple terms:

2) A recent BBC piece on how ADHD affects families:

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