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Q: What ages of children do you tutor?

A: All the way from age 5 to age 18 - i.e. up to GCSE & A-level.


Q: Can you assess what level my child is at in different subjects?

A: Before we start your childʼs individualised learning program we will carry out a free 

academic assessment to establish the level they have reached in each core subject and

any ʻblocksʼ requiring special attention.


Q: How long are the sessions and what do you cover?

A: Our sessions last a full 80 minutes - long enough to give your child focused help in either one subject or two, depending on circumstances.  We normally teach two subjects per session (e.g. Maths & English) but if a student requests concerted help in a specific subject for an upcoming school test, we can focus entirely on that.


Q: Will my child get homework?

A: Yes - after each session we give every child a manageable amount of homework to reinforce what they have learned.  On their next visit we mark their homework and give them extra help on anything they may have found difficult. (We recommend that parents donʼt give help with homework, to ensure we get a true 'readʼ on your child's progress.)


Q: How will I know how well my child is progressing?

A: Your Milestone tutor will give feedback after each session to explain what your child has learned - and we also arrange periodic reviews with parents to monitor longer-term progress and steer the next phase.


Q: What is the balance between computer-based and face-to-face tuition?

A: Our philosophy stresses the importance of personal, human tutoring - but we also have excellent screen-based, online materials to provide contrast  and variety for your child and enable them to practice the techniques they have been taught and build up confidence.


Q: When it comes to 11+ tutoring, what is the difference between Milestone and the other 11+ specialists in this area?

Milestone's track-record speaks for itself, with a pass rate over recent years of 2-3 times the Bucks average.  The key to this success is the personalised, one-to-one tutorial attention we give to our 11+ candidates, which is rather different from the 'Classroom' approach taken by most 11+ centres.  Choosing which 11+ centre to use is an important decision, so please give us a call to discuss the pros / cons of different approaches!  (01494 956 367).